Steam Scholars Program


The East Valley Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (EVHCC) is pleased to sponsor the STEAM Scholars Program. This project is funded through grants, sponsorships, and in kind services and contribution. Our project is an academic enrichment program for public school students, introducing them to the field of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. In partnership with public schools, students are selected, introduced to our program and offered the opportunity to explore career opportunities in the STEAM field.

As a Chamber, our focus is to develop the future workforce of tomorrow, and to engage, identify and mentor our future leaders. Our program has three components, a four-week hands on experiential summer institute, a mentorship program and a scholarship program.

The summer institute

The summer institute is comprised of activities, tours and presentations from various organizations in the fields of science, technology, engineering, arts or mathematics. Youth are selected by public school administrators, and student participate voluntarily. Youth and parents are also provided mentoring, introductions and connections to scholarship processes and opportunities.

The Mentorship Program

The mentorship program includes adult and youth mentoring. Students who have previously participated in the STEAM institute, comprise of local partners in the fields noted above will share their knowledge and passion to spark students’ creativity and interest to boost proficiency and on-time graduation rates. Mentors will engage our students and their parents, setting goals and supporting our students and parents as our students’ progress through High School and enter College.

The Scholarship Program

The scholarship program provides financial incentives to our students and parents to further support high school graduation and college preparation. Through EVHCC fundraising initiatives, and collaborations with other organizations, funding is raised to award scholarships for youth.
Select students are awarded scholarships based on summer institute participation, demonstrated leadership, school attendance, and academic  efforts and achievements.