Embrace Diversity and Tap into the Power of the
Hispanic Market with Our Chamber of Commerce

Foster Partnerships and Seize Opportunities for Continued Business and Education Growth


Grow your business

Take advantage of our educational programs to help you optimize your business operations, market your services, expand to a new market, or many other topics ready to help you grow your business.

Create Relationships

With Monthly events and mixers that help you create and maintain strong relationships with like-minded people and entrepreneurs, a strong community that helps each other.

Personalized Help

Starting a business can be a complex process, but we’re here to help you every step of the way.

The US Hispanic
Market is Growing. Fast.

The industry is just beginning to recognize the importance of a multicultural approach to marketing.

The East Valley Hispanic Chamber of Commerce serves as a platform to promote diversity. We serve to assist business-minded individuals, companies, and organizations in the pursuit of reaching the Hispanic Market while promoting economic development. We share critical demographic data to address the bilingual and bi-cultural needs of the East Valley. We host networking events and support future leaders through educational programs in the fields of Science, Technology, Education, Arts, and Mathematics. We strive to facilitate partnerships, relationships, and opportunities for continued growth in business and education in the East Valley.

The East Valley Hispanic Chamber of Commerce understands the value of working together to give companies the opportunity to position their products and services among Hispanic consumers.

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